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The luxury rooms of our hotel is the most appriciated among the clients and tourist. Because this room will provide you the satisfaction like a king with all the facilities available within the room. Our luxury room provides the entertainment,restaurant,spa,sportsclub and bar in the room whenever required by the clients with the freshness and aroma intact.

  • Easy access for the services
  • Feel like a king
  • Can accomodate 4 people
Rs. 5000/Night
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The luxury executive rooms of our hotel are also fully loaded with the servics like sprots club, restaurant and spa. But the personalised services cannot be availed and for the restaurant you have to walk over and enjoy the food and we can present at the room. Our executive room can easily accomodate the four members.

  • -Convinient for the family
  • -Space is good
  • -Can accomodate 4 people
Rs. 2500/Night
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The executive rooms at our hotel is the best and most favoured by the couples because this room is ideal for only two people.

  • Convinient for the couple
  • Space is adjustable
  • Can accomodate 2 people
Rs. 2000/Night
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The singgle rooms at our hotel are very convinient for the travelers and they can get the comfortable rest and for the long stay as well.

  • Convinient for the travelers
  • Space is comfortable
  • Can accomodate 1 person
Rs. 1200/Night